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Company specialized in transport to Balkan countries !


Anasayfa-3-lüdsdsdsd-resim Our company ‘’Seray Uluslararası Taşımacılık’’ was established in 1998. It provides transport services to Balkan Countries its inception till today. We provide the fastest transport to our customers with our full truck loading and daily groupage service to Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. We are a company that has proven its quality the transportation in these countries. With our experience of nearly 20 years, we started to provide service to 4 new countries ; Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. We realize full truck loading and weekly groupage service to these countries. For this we completed our investments to provide the best service to these countries. We have agencies in these countries mentioned above. The aim of Seray Uluslar arası Taşımacılık is customer focused logistics service. Seray Uluslar arası Taşımacılık organizes the delivery your shipments to your customers in time when needed, where required and in the desired conditions. Your goods are under the guarantee of Seray Uluslar arası Taşımacılık from the point of production to delivery your customers in the whole process

seraytrans-vizyonumuz-5487 Reduce to zero the accident, damages and deficiencies in delivery To provide the most appropriate quotation according to actual logistics market. Sustainability the most reliable and the fastest transporter with the customer focused understanding. To save leadership in the sector for transport to Balkan Countries and to provide the best service for our new destinations.

seraytrans-misyonumuz-201549 Provide to our customers the best quality and minimum cost about international transport, customs clearance, storage, physical distribution and handling; to become a logistics service provider with our customers we collaborate about the most-effective and sustainable logistics service.

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